Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hunger, The Best Way to Lose Weight?

Some people choose to skip their mealtime to lose weight. But are you sure to do this way to reach your dream ideal weight? I surely will say that this is just a waste of time because you will easily get it BUT will easily gain it again, again and again, exceeding your previous weight. In other words, hunger will just be a mess!

Okay, some studies say that mealtime skipping is associated to weight gain with some several mechanisms. Here they are :

1. Some researches indicate that breakfast skipping can potentially reduce skipper's energy expenditure. The skippers were found to have lower physical activity levels than those who dont skip mealtime especially breakfast. Hey, losing weight is not all about to cut your caloric input, but also to improve your energy expenditure (caloric output) and that will happen if you are physically active :)  

2. Also, remember that overhunger always leads to overeating. Your body compensate the long period of hunger (not eating while you sleep at night + breakfast skipping) by eating alot, humm..can also be eating a lot of snacks. If you can't choose your types of snack well, it usually results to surge of energy consumption because some snacks contain high-dense of calorie but low in fibre. FYI, foods containing high fibre can help you reducing your caloric input because those type of foods usually contain low caloric but have bulky effect to your you can feel full quickly without adding much more caloric to your body :)

Haha, this is my experience in skipping my lunch time with my friend. Usually, ppl in my country have lunch @ around 12am-1 pm. One day, we skipped it and ate @3 at last. with really high energy dense snacks haha

(plus sweet potato chips at the end...) Seriously, these kinds of food have three times caloric higher than our usual foods,
but this is what we call pleasure...sometimes we can do it, but just dont do it everyday, haha...


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  3. my way to gain weight: write essay! I didn't literally move from my seat except to stretch my leg-arm-back. My room is in the attic, the kitchen is on the ground floor (three stairs walking). So, I only eat around 1 meal per day (in average) plus *some* snack.

    my tips to lose weight: (also) write essay!! you won't even remember you haven't eaten. hahaha.

  4. you're like an abandoned girl who lives in attic all day :D nyehehehehe...

    aaah, you should read another post of mine, loy "throw away bla bla bla..." for your snack things, be aware... bang napi says waspadalaaahhhh!

    Is it 'you wont remember you havent eaten' or 'you wont remember that you have eaten alot'? wakakaka

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  6. Hmm... did you know sai2, the best thing to control your weight is from your mind... a research shows that mind power determines on your condition... do you ever heard the phrase "You are what you think"? So, If you wanna lose your weight, just control your self, and think... what will happen next month? :)

  7. Yeah! I can understand, I have also tried almost everything including diet charts, health plans and a lot more. But nothing worked for me either. All that I didn’t try was a clinic because I didn’t get any. BUT NOW I WILL GO TO THIS CLINIC Thanks

  8. We can't do anything properly if we're staying hungry... and it's not a normal thing! We can find lots of good weight loss programs, based on eating healthy foods, plus lots of exercises! Hunger is not a solution! :)