Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Message I Got After Nila's Wedding

Happy Wedding one of My best Friends...Nila and Kiki *kiss kiss…
Me, of course cried during the wedding ceremony of them…uh, finally you all have happy BEGINNING… Yes, it is just the beginning.
Wedding message from Nila’s dad is just (still) spinning in my head :p Saying to the the groom to take care of his little sweety daughter he loves the most was just make me “mewek” all time long at that time haha

Yes, girls…looking for such good boy to be your imam is not that easy. It’s not just about money he has, or how fancy the job he has, or how handsome he is, or how your heart beats fast when you meet him…. None of these! Be logical…

A woman is married for 4 things : her wealth, her family status, her beauty, and her religion. So You should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a loser (Muhammad SAW) 

The quotation also can be applied to you girls. Find the good moslem boy and voila…with his  religiousity will also come his nice attitude, his nice smile, his nice life, good father for your kid(s), and an imam you will go together to jannah…aameen

Oh well, this is our selfie moment with the bride. haha tetep ye…^^


  1. ada foto akuuu :DD sayang ak nda bs dtg pas akad..
    tp tetep slamat berbahagia utk nila sm kiki
    smg sakinah maadah warohmah ;)

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