Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vegan Spots in Jogjakarta

Hey All...how's life so far? Great? Super-duper? :-)

Well, the idea of this post came from a ym-chat with my best friend, Strawberryjam. She really wanted to go to the vegan resto (coz she's now on a diet, haha) Good job girl! Me either (not about the diet), really wants to go to vegan resto (since I have problem with eating out to ordinary restaurants). So, she browsed the sites and found articles of vegan spots. What amazed me was...there are more than 10 vegan restaurants here in my hometown. Okay, so I made the resume and ready to start the journey with her and my other friends include Elan, Wita, Che, Huki (sorry Atid, we have to go without you, unless you can go back here immediately, haha). Here they are...

1. Soma Yoga
Located in Jalan Babarsari 102 Yogyakarta. Soma Yoga is a kind of vegetarian cafe with Javanese style interior design. They have vegan satay and tempura made from the combination of soya, tofu, and mushrooms (people say that it taste like meat and seafood a lot). It's been so looong that I havent eaten seafood. Okay 'fake seafood', wait until this monster come :D

2. Milas
Milas's book corner (rockmusikini.blogspot.com)
Milas is located downtown Yogyakarta, Prawirotaman IV 127. First I knew this restaurant from my US friend, Aaron Milas (hehe nooo i'm kidding-the name is just quite similar) and also Mrs Etty, my lecturer. Well, based on the article we found, Milas has many kind of vegetarian menu. Indonesian, Western, Arabic. Organic all the way. But beware. They also have cheese and milk in their menu. so, for u the 100% vegan, do not hesitate to ask the food ingredients to the waiter/tress. My friend, Elan said that they have perfect guacamole.
They dont only have special foods but also beautiful place. Bamboo huts, craft, and book corners definitely make you feel at home.Ah, cant wait to see :-)

3. Jejamuran
Jejamuran is located in Jalan Magelang. In english, jejamuran means "various kinds of mushrooms". So, dont ask me what they sell, hehe. I go there very often, since i'm the #1 fan of mushrooms. My grandma and grandpa also like mushrooms. So, we just match each other :-)

4. Jasmine 1&2
Located in Jalan Solo and Jalan Janti. Jasmine's special menu is BBQ fried rice, seaweed soup, and the fake shabu-shabu.

5. Loving Hut
Located in Ambarukmo Plaza Mall's Food Courts. You can find chinesse foods. Organic and vegetarian foods all the way! So..dont worry, vegan!

And many more...okay, let me show you the lists
6. Murni Sehat -- Located in Prawirotaman
7. Lusidus -- Located in Babarsari, they serve lacto,ovo, and vegan foods with the fake meats
8. Soja -- Located in Jalan Moses Gatot Kaca
9. Vega -- Located in North Ring Road
10. Mie Kirata -- Located in Jalan Moses Gatot Kaca
11. Mie Sehat Pelangi -- Located in Jalan Solo
12. Lung Hua Vegetarian-- Located in Jalan Selokan Mataram 1, Pringgolayan. You can find chinesse and Padang vegetarian foods
13. Food Square-- Located in Jalan Moses Gatot Kaca. Chinesse Foods

Fiuh..cant wait to start the journey. I'll be very happy to write the report. So...Keep Healthy guys, see U soon


  1. in addition, milas has delicious nasi kebuli, and spinach something *forgot the name* which taste like... emmm ... can't say.. i know you're fasting now... wkwkwk =}

    nb: mber, ketoke loving hut ada di moses juga, deketnya nanamia *klo gak salah. wah nek nila diet protein hewani, alamat sesuk pas mangan2 menune koyo ngene iki... wita iso mbeker2.. ;p

  2. No, nila restricts only rice. She still eats any kinds of meats. dont worry. haha
    and bear in mind, Loy..it'll be ok if u all want to go to the meat-based foods restaurant, no problemo...i can bring my own meal.. :)

    spinach something seems so delicious, aaaaarhhh, really cant wait tenan iki...wakaka
    unfortunately we're so uncertain about the culinary journey schedule :(

  3. wah aku dirasani ki...pantes kedutan,
    heh foodphotomania,visit my blog dunkkkkk :p

    so, what are you waiting for? let's go the the vegan restaurant! :D

  4. hehe....lets start the journey, friends..when?

  5. hei you should take me 2 that places sometimes =D

  6. ah, sure!!!but when will u come sintuuuuL!? haha

  7. soon^^
    kangen jogja dan tiap sudutnya.
    penuh kenangan. hehe....

  8. It's great that you have so many options. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.

  9. thank u...so lucky that i've been linked up to NOBH :-)

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  11. april, you're brilliant, i like your blog, and also following it :)will use the freebies
    thanks for stopping by
    happy blogging

  12. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop again! Wow! that is a lot of vegan places. I would imagine they're a lot easier to come by in other areas of the world than they are here in America. We're such meat eaters. I try to do vegetarian a couple times a week. But, vegan is hard. I like cheese too much!

  13. well, i think it'll be great if you put the menus and also -of course- the price of every each of them. frankly saying, i don't wanna end up in one of those places, knowing unable to afford the food, and finally leaving the place with empty hands. haha. it happened once. sstt.. keep it a secret

  14. @Michelle : yes...i do know that. Based on most articles i read...people define people in US live in obesogenic environment...U should protect your child/children, michelle...at least eat 5 servings of fruit and or veggies a day :) and what u do like trying to be vegan couple times a week is a very good start :)

    @taufik : u dont like foods they sell?how come? I recommend u to try Loving hut's vegetarian satay..really tastes GREAT! should ask your wife to come with u and tell her to cook something like that :D

  15. where is the report, mber, you already visited two places, didn't you?? :)

  16. i really want to, loyyyy...but unfortunately i din take the picture of the places yet the foods...ah stupid me, yo? can i have yours, by the way? :D :D :D

  17. wani piro, heh? wkwkwk, yooh tak-email wae yak..