Friday, July 8, 2011

Breastfeeding : Great Investment For a Nation

what do u choose once u have a baby? breastmilk? formula milk?


A saying "breast is best" is absolutely right!my cousin's wife proved it-or maybe lots of moms around the world did, too. Anyway, they are a new family with a cute baby girl, live outside Indonesia (can say, outside Asia, too, where western most live in). Once a baby girl reached around 4 or 5 months of age, she was sent to kinda "baby-mom" group in town (she mostly spends her day there).
Several days ago, they came here to my house and shared stories about the baby girL. They told me that she has the best motoric development among her western friends. She's the only one who can sit properly while other children couldnt do it yet in their age 
After long conversation, the conclusion had been reached! :D. It is known that breastfeeding is not very popular among the citizen there. The same thing happen in my country actually, where the number of exclusive breastfeeding do not reach the number of 50%.

The altering-problem varies. It can be psychological, problem causing pain (like nipple-sore), working mom, and many more. 

Once u decide to have a baby, u have to make sure that u are fully ready to be a real mom and be well-informed. Be aware! Early information will make u ready to feed your baby with breastmilk. Some people feels that they have problem about the adequacy of their milk production. i believe it will not happen if u take care of your breast during pregnancy and give ur baby early breastfeed right after u give birth. thats why i say that getting early information is an important thing especially for new-moms :)

Knowing the great advantages of giving breastmilk to babies, in my opinion...promoting breastfeeding will be a great investment for a nation, lets say for my country, Indonesia. If all moms , clinics, workplace where moms work in, healthcare service aware of this (instead of receiving money from "under-6 months of age" formula milk product salesman), i believe there wont be infant mortality in rural area and it also guarantee the growth of the infants. A nation will not cost much to cure hunger-related diseases (like marasmus or kwashiorkor-those case are frequently found in my country). Furthermore, there are a lot of studies shown that children who were fed breastmilk exclusively will have good inteliigence. Surely, we need more inteligent people to bring this nation to a better future. Thats a great investment for Indonesia, isnt that? 

So lets participate to build our nation to a better future, starting by giving ur baby appropriate meal for their very 1st moment of life...breastfeed.       


  1. Well, I'm not married yet and I don't have a baby yet, so I don't know which one the best for my baby. Is that any problem if someday I take both formula milk and breastfeeding?

  2. the best for under 6 months-baby is absolutely axclusive breastfeeding yank...
    u can give both formula and breastmilk once ur baby's 7 months-old yank...believe me, ur baby will be great :)

  3. would u mind if i comment in indonesian?(bener ga iki,hehe)
    menurut pengalaman,asi emang lebih top markotop,apalgi buat baby yg pny riwayat alergi..memang ada banyak faktor yg mempengaruhi produksi ASI,buat semua calon ibu,perawatan dilakukan sedini mungkin,bahkan sebelum memutuskan menikah,konsumsi makanan yg sehat..krn memang ada yg benar2 ga keluar ASInya..tetap beri semangat kepada ibu2 yg belum bs ngasih asi eks krn alasan yg ga bs keluar(bener2 lho) krn ada yg udh diperah2 tetep ga bs,kasian meliatnya..jgn sampe disudutkan krn ga bs kasih asi eks,semua ibu hebat kalau dia berusaha jd hebat..tetap sehat dan semangat!! :))

  4. Thanks for your comment, (i guess, you are ayie, am i mistaken?hehe) its really inspiring,
    Actually, i absolutely agree to u that there are some cases that moms really cant give breastmilk to their baby...yes it is, in very few cases such as hormonal problem(cos naturally, moms who give birth will produce breastmilk, unless they have hormonal problem), and u know what--i can say that the cases are rare. as i said before the number of moms who give breastfeed exclusively doesnt reach 50%. It is a big number, isnt it? and i guess, not ALL of them have hormonal problem, right? in some cases, friend (also ur friend), nisa told me that techniques also can affect the production of breastmilk-she called it as Lacth-on (in indonesian we know it as "perlekatan"), isnt that all about moms' skill in giving breastmilk to the babies?

    hereby, what im trying to say is that it's our duty to promote breastfeeding to moms or new-moms and trying to support not only them, who give brestmilk to the baby but also the environments, husbands, their families, and even workplaces to support moms.

    I agree to u that instead of blaming moms who have problem in giving their breastmilk to the baby, better support and provide them solutions.
    Every moms are great, and will be greater if they can give breastmilk to their baby, i guess...:)

  5. aku bita sitaaaa...hiks..kan pengalamanku,hehehe..itu ada di mbakku dan tetanggaku..btw,ada group bagus di fb,tak add ya kamu,namanya room for children,,trus juga ada ttg msg di situ,di yg blg disitu ga masalah( dgn bukti2 penelitian)..ehm..confusing..
    doakan aku ya biar bs ngasih asi eks buat my little blessed to have her and give my best is all i can do..

    ini pake account blog jaman profesi lha susah ya nulis comment..

  6. OMG, bitaaaaaa....yes, please add me bita, thanks for sharing :)