Sunday, January 8, 2012

throw away your highly processed chips

Hi Readers!
This morning i ate a pack of salty potato chips :D. As many cravers do, I eat foods without checking the nutritional fact label. And today was my first time in my whole life i'm checking the label of my favorite snack (lol), and I found this crap :

In english, it says...
Nutrition Fact
Serving size : 18 g
Number of serving size : +/- 4
Calories per serving : 100 kcal
Conclusion : overall calories I ate in a pack of chips was 400 kcalories 


Well dont u know that our typical meals or main courses (like the ones for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) usually value 400-500 kcalories. then, i can say that...

is it worth skipping our main meal for only a pack of chips? i dont think so
besides, we want to get more vitamins or other antioxidants or fibers from the produce we eat, right? (produce = veggies, fruits, etc) The chips just cant give us enough! What I'm trying to say here is Just Be Smart Choosing Your Foods! Many people say they dont eat huge but they wonder why they just keep gaining weight. Probably this is the reason.

Be Smart and Get Nourished!

400 kcalories meal's pic is from


  1. nice info sista..tfs..

  2. ha? serius sit br srg ngecek nutr fact skrg2 ini? hedew.... :p

  3. ummm....sorry, do i have to use english in this site? he...

  4. haha you dont have to either...language that are allowed to be posted is indonesian and english haha opo jal (and javanese :p)

    btw, iyae baru2 aja, aku kirain palingan 100 kcal'an doank, eeeh tnyata sampe 400 cyin, gila ih

  5. i'm an avid fan of this site. .i learned so many. .try to watch movie online for free. .thank you. .

  6. i'm an avid fan of this site. .i learned so many. .try to watch movie online for free. .thank you. .

  7. Wow! So glad I don't like chips lol

  8. mer, lately, i've been eating chips like crazy, but i don't know how to read the information correctly -- if it says per pack it has 128 kcal energy, what does it mean? ---

  9. are you sure it was counted per pack, lan? humm...if it was so, then you had eaten 128 kilocalories of chips
    later, if you take a look at the lable and you find the words "calories per serving" then just multiply the number to number of serving... *donk ra?po confused?wakakakaka

  10. I used to eat this snack two times a day sai2 :o
    what do you think 'bout my habit?

  11. I see your point, but I love 400 kcalories it's like my energy for playing basketball.

  12. postingan yang bagus, tentang throw away your highly processed chips