Monday, July 18, 2011

cheating = ruin the world

Cheating (or in this case known as academic fraud) has been a hot topic in my country since tha case of "elementary school teacher who ask one of her student to give answers of the national final exam to the classmates" blowed up to the public. Another cheating story comes from my own experience. these days recently I become a part-timer of final exam guard in one of education institution and saw students cheated so wildly (haha) in class.

In fact, you must agree to me that cheating is very common here. We can asily find the cheating-students in evry class, and that's very ironic.--do you think the word "common" for "cheating" should be a common thing? Well, this is a serious problem faced by our country. in my opinion, cheating behavior in students will possibly lead to other misconducts because students who do so will be accustomed and assume that cheating isn't a big deal to do. Dont you think that cheat is just the same like steal?or counts as conspiracy and lie?

Students, are you going to graduate from your school or college (or even being cumlaude) by cheating in your every exam in every year of your study period? or for the letter "A" you could bet your own good name? Then do you think what will you be after your 'cheating graduation day'? a corruptor/a terrorist? or what will this country be if u (people who cheated) lead this country? ruin ur own country? 

well, students you are all the future leader of this country, or even you could be great leader in the world. please dont cheat or you will ruin the world with ur own low morality :)

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  1. everybody has...and that's so ironic :(

  2. Bravo!
    I agree with you sai, hmm... well I don't know what to say... but I think we must learn from this case.
    We have grew up, so that we should realize that cheating is a bad thing. If not? you can see what happen in our country now.

  3. yeah...what I realized is that we had to teach and educate youth not to do fraud :) and that's a big job!

  4. Nice Blog... :)
    Well cheating is an universal phenomena and has come from the start of Mankind

  5. thank u so much....will visit ur blog soon
    yeah...cheating is so common...and really feel wont let it go that way