Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OVO VEGAN officially!!!

"You are what you eat".
Yes, this quote is so meant to me right now. As a nutritionist and dietitian, my eating habit was sooo bad. It was just a mess. I used to eat what I want, the ghrelin really used to control my overall eating, Ghrelin rules!. I craved soft drinks, high-fat meat, potato chips, and high-cholesterol foods.
And thank god...God suddenly came to my heart and say "be an ovo-vegan, Sita..." (lol, i'm kidding) and I am, an ovo-vegan officially :)

Its been 33 days. I can say that being a vegan in Indonesia isnt such a big challenge. Veggies and fruits are easy to find here, not too expensive, and vary a lot. So hard to overcome the temptations though (coz my family and friends still eat meats or ice creams, while i dont..oh gosh!), but so far...all things are going well. One this to pay attention to is that some salad sauce we use here may contain mashed shrimps that are hard to recognize, even by the taste, especially one used for east Javanese salads. In addition, there are also traditional drinks that contain cow milk instead of coconut milks...Kinda tricky, right? ;-)
These are some of foods I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner hummm, yummm
1. brown rice and blanched veggies
2. chinesse food veggies and tofu
3. asem-asem, one of indonesian clear soup and tempe (fermented soy food)
Thank god I have a really supportive mom :) Once I was longing to eat mom made me some new vegetarian dishes. If u like mushroom, they absolutely taste like meat, the shitake's hump especially. The portabello really tastes like scallop. Or have u ever tried crispy fried veggies?mommy also made it for me. My dad likes it, too. It tastes like crispy fried chicken...haha those are some tips for u, the beginner vegan (like me...)

fried broccoli, steam it first to get it cooked
Well, it was a real wake up call to the healthy life for me. Being vegan is one of the shock therapy for you who has craves certain foods, especially for the obesogenic ones...being vegan wont make u gain weight (combine to exercise) and makes u feel better. I experienced it.
Dont forget to take some supplements (like folate, B12...just take the B-complex, ferrous sulfate, vitamin D, Calcium, etc-better consult to your dietitian) to avoid nutrition defficiencies.
Hope this ovo-vegan eating style become my stepping stone to the pure vegan one. May this inspires u...

Alphabetically Glossaries :
  1. Cholesterol : a type of fat that can be produced by human and animals. Excess consumption of cholesterol may cause several diseases i.e heart attack, etc
  2. Deficiency : lack of something, so.. 'nutrition deficiency' means lack of nutrition
  3. Ghrelin : type of hormone that stimulates hunger
  4. Obesogenic : all things causing obesity. So...obesogenic foods means foods that contain substrate/s causing obesity
  5. Ovo-vegan : a vegetarian who still eat eggs. no meat and dairy products


  1. wow, congratulation! errr you don't eat icecream? so you don't eat any products from animal as well? what a fast move! ;)
    mber, why don't you give us a familiar term? or explanation for difficult terms in your post.. not all of us are nutritionist or dietitian...

  2. ahahaha....okay babe...thanks for ur advice, i'll do that soon :)
    btw, eloy...yes unfortunately i dont eat animal products too (include coffee creamer), except eggs (since ovo means egg), and broth...but that will be okay for me to join u all for eating out :), i'll bring my own food haha

  3. eloy??? is she eloyyy??? hmmm, then she have to visit my blog too :p
    btw sai2, today I do a diet program, I wanna ask some quest, hmmmm maybe next time we can share each other, oke2???

  4. ahahahaha....i dont know, but she called me "mber"...hihi
    sure i'd like to share anything about diet with evryone :) cant wait.

  5. aww, so touched you added what i begged in your article..
    @ nila: i've visited ur blog, nil.. and follow it.. wkwkwk. who is eloy by the way *smirk

  6. wuaaah... congratulation, I'm sorry I didn't know it before :)

  7. @foodphotomania : that was good suggestion elaaaan..thank u so much :) :)
    @atrid : thanks...hehe. u wrote from bangkok? say hi to my friends in chulalongkorn uni...really miss them already :(
    what's ur blog address tid?

  8. hey, i found this blog if you're feeling bored. it has nice recipes (but may have expensive stuffs in them:

  9. chicken? well, of course we can substitute it with mushrooms...thanks loy...u know me so well hahahahha

  10. congrats babe, hwah... i wish i could do the same...

    but... i'm a big fan of meeeeeeet ~(>,<)~

  11. meat!
    haha...thanks...finally after all of my hi-chol and hi-cal culinary journey, sin wakakakakak...

  12. chicken? oops, I copied the wrong link. just go to she has many other recipes, and special section on vegetarian meals. au au au

  13. I admire anyone who has the will power to do this. My husband & I want to become vegetarians, but I don't know if I have the will power. New follower from lots of lovin blog hop

  14. hey belinda thanks for stopping by. come join the club. lol
    have u tried to be lacto-ovo, lacto, ovo, or semi-vegetarian?that will be great stepping stone to be real vegan.
    well, nice to know you, will soon visit your blog :)

  15. Congrats and good job! I know it's hard. I tried once and failed miserably. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop! Have a great week!

  16. Congrats! I don't know if I could do it :( but I admire anyone that can! I'm your newest GFC follower...would love for you to follow back.

  17. I know that being vegetarian in US is such a big challenge...but i know u can do that. Couple weeks ago my neighbour brings 10 of US college students here to Indonesia and they told him that 7 of them are vegetarian. wow! i guess becoming a vegetarian will be a big trend among the US citizen...Happy to hear that :)

  18. Thanks Michelle and Candice for stopping by :)
    i'm following your blog and grab your button to my blog roll :)