Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealing with Your Melancholic Side

Having problem with melancholic relatives? Fed up with your melancholic side?
dont laugh at my drawing :D
Well...being a melancholy sanguine (the melancholic side dominates my personality)  for more than 24 years is enough to proof you that I experience a lot to deal with myself (haha). I hope my post can help you to deal with yourself :D *bear in mind that i'm not a psychologist and this post is only based on my experience (result may not be the same to every person :) ).
The weakness of being melancholic (based on my experience) are moody, too sensitive to other (very common among the melancholics), and pessimist (well this is the worst, haha).

I guess being moody is not the melancholic specific. Everybody is moody but I guess, the melancolics are more often to have bad mood. (I am...). Just do exercise and take a deep breath right after u wake up. I find that free air and the sunshine work. Sometimes I go outside and do the yard-work to start my day... The green plants of my mom's also help me to smile... Use the nature to boost your mood :)
one of my mom's orchids at her spot : my mood booster
Too Sensitive to Other
Being sensitive is good, but being over-sensitive is not good for your health. Its so hard to overcome it, but i know u can. One way I use to avoid this feeling is by stop thinking that every critics are important to respond to. Well, some people really say critics for our good, but some of them do so to make u drop for their good. Use your mind and intuition to choose what sort of critics you would like to think about. A saying "dont pay any attention to the critics--and dont even ignore them" is really true. Dont be too serious to take them. Critics (the constuctive ones) are great motivation...In addition, you can get it freely! (you know that some people will pay anything to get critics from the experts, so we'll be so lucky to have that freely, rite?). Just be easy...and take the advantages from them to make u greater than now! Go Go Go

What I do to avoid this are much (since this is the hardest thing to avoid). Reading books and watching movies  are the most effective way. What about? Well, ones shelved as motivation books are good to evoke your spirit. Also for the movies...
Book like Setengah Isi Setengah Kosong (Indonesian book, written by Parlindungan Marpaung) is one of good examples. Movies like "Catch Me If You Can"(played by Leonardi diCaprio) and "Good Luck!" (Japanese movie played by Takuya Kimura) are recommended for u who really wants to be optimist and  rise yourself up.

Well, besides those your best and  focus on getting what u want are still the absolute key to avoid pessimist...
This is the art of facing a true Leonardo daVinci said "Where the spirit doesn't work with the hand, there's no art"

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  1. Now i know why you didn't get my joke earlier this evening..;-) how did you know you're a melancholic sanguini or whatever it's called? Did you do some sort of test?

  2. haha...yeaaa...sorry then :D

    yes i took the test. You can find it in a book called "personality plus", (i guess...) haha

  3. Lol, then what is my melancholic side sai? could you tell me???? :p

    Hummm maybe you could add another list?

  4. hahaaa...yayank...before asking me tips, better take the test can be melancholic, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, or combination...
    tell me the result, okay? :)