Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Love Quotes

Got to say OH MY GOD! coz today i spent my day in front of this screen and browsed cute things on my newest favorite site If you like arts or unique designs, aha! this site is fully recommended to visit :) I must share these 5 quotes i love that i found on that site, currated by some people. Be Inspired All...

"Dont be afraid of Looking So Stupid, haha"
Curated by Laura Vdw

"Should enjoy evrything that u do, man!"
currated by Katie

"That's Why We Should Thank God"
curated by County-Girl-at-Heart

"Dont be afraid of making mistakes"
curated by jenny brown

"Struggling Struggling Struggling"

Gosh...Just Love Those Quotes So Much............................................................
Holiday is Just Over... Go Struggling Again, Readers!!!!!!


  1. Great quotes! Thanks for sharing

  2. Love these quotes especially the first one. Many people are so afraid of looking stupid that they will NOT do many things.

  3. great quotes al...
    tambahin biar banyak =)

  4. @michelle : thanks for stopping by too :)
    @Lisa : Yes, exactly i love the 1st one the most also :), thanks for stopping by Lisa...
    @Sinta : just visit sin...u'll love it!!!its a great site....btw, where've u beeeeeeen?miss u so much

  5. Hello! I'm hopping over from and must say these quotes are pretty cool. I especially love that one with the "Life is like photography" So clever, that one!

    Have a nice Sunday!

    Greetings from Halina

  6. This my favorite quote:
    "For those at the top, don't be too proud. And those at the bottom, don't be too ashamed. Everything can change, anything can still happen." ` Its ThingsInLife


  7. Mbak, ikutan giveawayku ya ^^


  8. Hi! Very inspiring! Loved the pics and the quotes! tc ;)

  9. Don’t use a romantic love quote to express your love towards your parent because it would seem out of touch and context. So choose a quote according to the person.

  10. I love that first quote! I feel like I look stupid all the time heheh...must mean I'm going to be successful.

    I found you through life with twins and a drama queen's Friday Hop. I would love for you to visit and follow me back at

    I also have a weekend free for all hop going!


  11. ya i love the 1st the most too...okay will soon visit yours :) and fol back for sure...