Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hero of The Planet

Couple days ago, I picked my father up from airport to home. While waiting him to arrive, I walked around the airport and saw this pic below, n just realized that those ad was about vegetarianism

(In English) It says :
Global Warming : The Biggest Threat to Human Live
United Nation declared that cow and other livestocks produce greater gas emission resulting greenhouse effect  than those from combined cars, planes and other transportations.
Save The Earth, Be Vegetarian  

I knew that being vegetarian is one of some ways to fight global warming. Just it. I dont have any idea of the reasons, lol. So I browsed the articles and make the resume of the role of vegans on global warming prevention (it's a serious topic i have, haha)...FYI, my resume is based on the article from People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

1. Feeding animals the massive amount of grains and waters to farmed animals, then killing, then processing, then transporting, then storing the meat cost much energy (thus needs more burning fossil fuels and increase the production of CO2, one of gas that is responsible to global warming
2. The meat-eaters' diet is responsible for more than seven times as much greenhouse emission as vegan diet.
3. A VEGAN can reduce the release of 1,5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year (can you imagine how much we reduce if your whole family are vegans?)
4. So much CO2 release from trees during the destruction of forest to provide pasture-land and to grow the farmed animals
5. (I dont know what happen in Indonesia), but in the US.. Animal agriculture is the single largest source of methane emission.
6. The meat, dairies, and egg industry contribute to 65% of worldwide nitrous oxide emission (FYI nitrous oxide is about 300 times more potent as the global warming gas than CO2).
7. Numerous studies indicate that switching to vegan diet can cut out 90% of the total emission (from

Wow, thats huge, man! If u find it hard to be vegetarian all the time (i know it's hard...i failed some times miserably and still trying to be...). Just reduce the animal and animal products' consumption (u can make your own "meat/cheese/milk/eggs-free day" or "vegetarian day") or try some kind of vegetarian like ovo or lacto or lacto ovo or semi vegetarian. Just do every little thing u probably can do...

and Be The Hero of This Planet ... 


  1. You fight global warming?
    Hmm... If I do what you did, It means that I asked kiki for stop his job :p because his job is related to make global warming (extractive company)

  2. no need to quit from his job, vegetarian :) haha