Friday, July 8, 2011

the sCRAPbook

have u ever made something unique? or u now are thinking about giving something unique to the one u love?
instead of giving expensive and usual present, try my bestfriend's will not be a crap... cos its sCRAPbook, :D 

(1st, let me introduce her---her name's strawberryjam---http//

Look at this, this is the best birthday present i've ever had from a friend, a scrapbook entitled the sundries of amer...

the sundries of amer

sCRAPbook is a typical memorabilia in the form of a book. Its not like a diary of course, coz u can put photographs, draw, or put any artwork u like...u can also make the printed version of it... another version of scrapbook is collage. Actually, they are two different kind of artwork, but u can make the collage version of scrapbook... 
According to national collage society, collage is any piece of art with an additonal layer glued on the using this technique, u can make more attractive scrapbook, for example by adhering elements like ribbon, pieces of newspaper, printed text, or even woods and dried leaves...
collage scrapbook (

Such its function as a memorabilia, u can tell about certain events, places, or the story of ur friend.
Like my bestfriend did, she wrote about the biography of me and she put various kind of paper pieces and hand-drawing in this :
isnt it cute?
Bear in mind that u dont always have to put any words in your scrapbook. pictures say more than words, u can just try to send the message by pictures :) , but surely u have to name the tittle of ur artwork..., u know what to give to ur beloved need to go to the shop, just go grab evry thing around ur house and free ur mind...Happy scrapbooking all :)


  1. 8 years ago and you still keep that??! :o
    Gosh! It has been a loooonnnggg time agoooo :o
    but thanks for keep that and keep our friendship :*
    I luph u pul dahhhh

  2. hahaaa...yayaaaaank...thanks for being my best friend who knows me the most :)
    i love u tooooooo...:*
    thanks for the memorable scrapbook :)