Monday, April 16, 2012

Indonesia's Pindul Cave

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So, this actually was my last-march vacation.. (confession of a lazy blogger lol). After all the cancelling and threats to manage meeting up...yes, here we were : at Pindul Cave--Located at Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta

The challenge of having vacation @Pindul Cave is actually medium level. Not that dangerous but sometimes can beat your heart. You can choose 3 kinds of object there. Pindul Cave, Gelatik Cave, and River drifting. The Pindul Cave offers you both tubing and caving...kind of exploring the cave with the tube. So, people often call this as 'wet cave'. Take a look at this pic     

'Wet Cave and Its Lightful Zone'
When we reach lightful zone, the tourist guard is usually offering us to jump from the top of the cave to the water. Humm, actually not that top (can be said that way). I and one of other girls did that twice. soo refreshing :) You will not hit the bottom of the cave cz the water is 10 metres below ground. ouwoooooo....

me and the girls and our US mas bro
(mas bro is a jogjanese slang, means elder brother. we usually use the word 'mas' to call a boy older than us, politely)

Gelatik Cave (= dry cave) is just like any other common caves with its stalactites and stalagmites and all the bats and bats' "stuff"... ougggh...

The last one is River drifting @Oya River. To reach the river, we did ought to get there by old truck. lol okay... though it was all paid off with the great view along. Again we drifted with the tubes. Good view, but sometimes i could see some garbage around (unfortunately..-- we indonesians, have to take care of our rivers). But over all, drifting was great. We could see mini waterfalls and enjoyed some turbulence (am i using good term?) along the river. At the end of the journey, we could swim until we reach the finish point

Cant wait to have another journey
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  1. wuah... take me there al....!!! *screaming

  2. not so challenging Tul...lets just go to Ello or whatever doing rafting :)

  3. hmmmm... i need to take a vacation to refresh my mind nih al...

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