Monday, July 25, 2011

happy national children's day

Couple days mom asked me to go with her, attended 'children's day' event, organized by my mom's social organization (i mean, my mom is one of the member of the organization). Well, if u dont really like children,  this kind of celebration will be so boring...(I guarantee that, haha).
For me who likes children a lot, this celebration was kinda cuteeee!!!...I watched them dance, sing, act in a roleplay and do cute moves in exercise competition :)

national children's day in Yogyakarta, my hometown (from my own camera)
Seeing them grow up normally is a thing, isnt it?
Unfortunately, in different side of the world, or maybe just several kilometres far from here, there are many unlucky children, living in a poverty and other problems (i.e child abuse, obesity and undernourished, bullying, trafficking etc). So, what can we do to resolve these? Well, I know its not easy. We can start to do every little thing that can help children (lets say...start from your own society). It can be action to fight hunger or just giving the street children their basic needs like clothes, healthy food and drink, or even just teach them how to read. And of course for you who can do big thing, just do it, do not hesitate to invite and support your friends to help children

From the National Health Survey in 2010, it is known that 17.9% under 5 years of age children are undernourished (bear in mind that this country has large, 17.9% is a big number!!!!). 35,6% children are stunted and 13.3% are wasted. In addition, there are 9.6 % of 6-12 years-old children are obese and overweight. okay, just stop here...I wont add more cases number regarding to children cos it's enough to show you that there are abundance of problems that are faced by children. They need our help!

Well friends, every single little thing we do is very meaningful, lets act to fight the problems, be their grow-up partners...
Make them smile
Make them happy
Happy National Children's Day to you all children (and you all, who care about them)


  1. :o this post reminds me about our project for neglected children sai, then how? when we'll start? sai2, have you made your button? I wanna add your button at my site,

  2. yes yank...lets do it soon :)
    hahaha...not yet yank, i'm just losing my creativity :D

  3. nice post al,,,
    it reminds me about my students... before i work here, i spent my days teaching unlucky children @my friend house. actually it's my friend's programe. it's like giving free lessons on sunday. u can teach them everything they want. math, english, biology, even how to introduce them with our environment. i mean it could manage their behave. i was so happy spending my time with them. u can do the same... start with a little group. we don't have to make a special room. u can use a living room or garden. and u'll seriously having fun..^^

  4. REALLY!!!!!! wow, really want to hear your could we start?share to me pleassseeee :)