Wednesday, July 13, 2011


everybody has their own dreams include places to visit :)
okay, this is my spare time now, and want to share my dreamlands in my own page...hope someday i'll be a millionaire, oops i mean a billionaire, and visit these cities....haha...

1. Madina
from my own camera :)

Been there and really loved the mosque, Al Nabawi. Hope will come and pray in that mosque again someday. Amen. "Gosh, I really close to Muhammad, the Prophet". 

2. Boston and Chapel Hill
pic :
pic :
haha, secret reason :)

3. Chicago
pic :

People in Chicago have their annual Chicago International Coin Fair, thats the reason why I wanna go there (fyi-i'm a coins collector)...I really want to see the coins!!!!
4. Dubai
picture :
The lovely thing about this city is the touch of both modernization and beauty. Look at the Palm, isnt that great? :)


  1. koreaaaa,,, hahaha...
    love d 1st one. never been there b4 T___T

  2. hehe...korea jiaaan...
    ngopo to kok pengen mrono, mesti pengen ndelok suju2an to koe..?
    yess...that's the order, from the most to the least...hehe

  3. ketemu kim hyun joong and i'll say "hey you, please jangan manjangin rambut lagi... kau terlihat saangaaaaattt 'kuli bangunan look-a-like'" =D
    he's my idol, anyway^^

  4. Zaelah you gemblunk child (haha, cah gemblunk maksute)

  5. My dreamland is India sai!!!!!!!!!!
    You know that lahhhhh...........
    I think India is very exotic country and their traditional food is very delicious! Nyaaammmm
    I wish that someday I can go there..... amin! ;D

  6. ameeeen yank, I really wish your dream will come true..once that happen, dont forget to ask me to come with you, okay yank? :D
    I really want to see Taj Mahal