Friday, December 30, 2011

Eat that Frog!

~indonesian version of Eat That Frog. Just finished reading it. A word describing this : MARVELOUS!
It's been somehow a week of deep for me...Well, also probably for you who arrange new year resolution :) Part of me was not too concerned about it, actually.. but ummm after thinking about my previous messy days, okay, I've decided to do it, hahaaa..

Eat that Frog really helped this amateur planner :D Yes, I say planner. This book tells us about time effectiveness. Not that serious, readers... Amazingly, Brian Tracy can deliver his serious message in easy way...sooo communicable. Really.
My fav is the part which telling us about how people with not really special skill win their goals. Simply using priority scale, and he tells us about it perfectly :) And and other fav part is the way he solves my problem (haha) on hesitation in starting something I must do.

So later on...I'm not further going to tell you about the book, readers...I simply recommend u, The amateur planner, to read it :)

Enlightened! :) ~ oh my god, i love this word


  1. what's your plan in this year sai2?

  2. my plan is being healthier and happier yank, how bout yours?

  3. Amiiiinnn so do I sai2 :*

    Hmm... well I think my WP account doesn't work at your site sai2... sigh... :(

  4. postingan yang bagus, tentang Eat that Frog!