Friday, July 8, 2011

Be Inspired and Be Great

People can overcome anything. These people did it with their own way, really inspires me, and overall, my life.. :). i want to share my idols to u coz i really want u to know that these people (though some of them are only evryday people) by their own characters and ways could affect their society (include me)....

Be Inspired, all!!!

Muhammad, The Prophet
Surely and no wonder that he is an evry single moslem’s idol all over the world…he was the chosen one to lead people to a better way. And still today, all moslem really want to be like him, follow what he did
One thing I really admire of him is his tolerance to other people, even from different religion. He respected other religion’s way of praying, spread Islam with peace and really hated war…even people do harm to him, he wouldn’t do the same thing to others unless they did troubles.
That’s why, he really inspires me to become a tolerant person and live in a society peacefully…

Mom and Dad
picture :

Ah, u all know what I mean…my mom and dad are the BEST people I’ve ever met in the world!… I learnt and still am learning every single thing from them...

Prof Etty
picture :
Adorable professor of anthropology, lecturer, educator, and woman. That’s what I think about her. First meeting her, I really didn’t have any idea what’s she like. I only knew her stories from a friend, and I just loved her amazing profile even before I knew her (the stories were about anthropological stuff, breaking the criminal stuff, the award stuff, etc). Then…one day, I met her in her office. Couldnt believe my eyes at that time…and this is the amazing thing—I was involved in her research, being one of her assistants... Just like a dream came true. Spent the days with her, rode in a same car with her, ate lunch and slept together with her…these were just a wow… 
She inspires me a lot. She showed us how to be professional, she really “EDUCATE”…we’ve never had a real educator, before we met her…she’s never given us lecture in class, but u know what, she gave us more than just an ordinary lecture…it was a lecture of life (haha do I speak too much?). One thing I learnt from her was about honesty. She became the role model when we don’t have any one to be. Now, I know what it is called by a success…It will be a real success when u achieve that by working hard, professionally, and honestly… that’s the point!!!!

Thomas Alva Edison
picture :
First I knew his story when I was so young. The ‘bulb stuff’ evoked my spirit when I was down. This is how the story goes… “Someday..Thomas Alva Edison did the publication of his invention. A journalist asked him-arent you ashamed that u have  failed 99 times?-He replied that he hasn’t failed, he has learnt 99 ways to find the way to lit up the bulb…” and who would have thought, he made it!!!!
A success, come to person who constantly tries, never think to give up, and never think that they would fail…

Barrack Obama
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He is the 2nd black person who lead the US (after Hanson). I don’t know, but I just love his speech and the way he persuade other people through his speech. The first impression came when he visited my country, and give a speech in University of Indonesia. Since that time I often follow his speech in different moments  through I think he also the one who inspires me. What I learnt from him is no matter who u are, whether u’re a white or a black or an asian or whoever u are, as long as u have capability in doing something, everybody will not discriminate you and furthermore will respect you…so whoever you are...keep on learning and be great, guys!!!!


  1. Thomas Alva Edison??? U are an admirer of him? since when??? xD
    I knew that you admire another 'thomas alva edison' xp

  2. another thomas alva edison?woahahahahaha...gembluuuunk... i like the story of "99 times failure" yank....reaaaaalllly inspiring :)
    how bout ur idols?who are they?

  3. Great to see your inspired by your idols here. :)

    Joeyboy -

  4. thanks joey....yes, they are great! looking 4ward to knowing ur inspiring idols too :)