Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beaches = Holiday

I'd like to saaaaay...happy holiday All :) (i mean for u who lives in indonesia...). and Have a great weekend foR u all
Well, speaking of holiday reminds me of friends and hanging around. Suppose, those three variables have significant relationship, lol.
One place we love to hang around is the coolest geological landform called BEACH! Thank God Jogjakarta has soooo many beautiful beaches since it's located in the southest of Java and we LOVE it :)

If u visit Jogjakarta and want to see its beautiful beaches, i fully recommend you to see Sundak Beach and Indrayanti beach. The special things about Sundak are the combination of boats-the coarse white sand-and of course those strong greenery big rocks in the middle of the sea waves of Indian Ocean. These pictures below are Fajar's (my friend's) pics in those beaches
Look at the this perfect beach line :) 
such a perfect edge, taken by Fajar from album in his fb account

taken by Fajar, December 2010 (from his album in fb account)
taken by Fajar, Dec 2010 (from his album in fb account)
Another beach in Jogjakarta is Depok Beach. I recommend u to visit this beach coz u can pick your own fish or seafood there in beach market, then someone will cook it for u. U can eat it there in beach. Its like heaven right...haha....
Personally, i love Depok coz this is a windy beach. Since i'm not a good kite player, the wind really helps me to fly the kite, haha....
the kite runner :), taken with Galuh's camera (from album in her fb account)
galuh and the kites haha (taken with Galuh's camera) 
grilled corn and seeing the beach waves (taken by Afin with Galuh's Camera)
me and brother and undone sand castle (taken with my own cam)
Hope u like it ...
Really love to support the local source :-)
see u next time Readers :-)

"The Cure of Anything is Salt Water-Sweat, Tears, or The Sea" (Isak Dinesen)


  1. wuaaa.... nice holiday that you have sai2,
    take me on your vacation, next time yah!

    Misssss youuuuuu so much!

  2. SURE YAAAANK...! lets go to the beach! which beach?
    miss u too!!!!!

  3. simply lovely - the photos of the beach are amazing - just gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Thanks for linking up with the Show Us Your Town Hop


  4. LOVE the pictures! And that beach looks amazing...oh man I need to travel! Great blog, am a new follower.

  5. @Michelle : yes, it was :)
    @Bern : holiday on beach is always perfect bern... :) thanks for hosting the bloghop
    @marLee : come to indonesia...we have sooooo many beaches. I'm sure that U'll admire the beach with pink sand located in east indonesia :)