Friday, December 23, 2011

Vegan Spot in Jogjakarta #2

Can't tell how much I miss my page, typing on it, and of course I miss to see you all :) after busy days, and all holy shits, here I go, fulfilling my job to report vegan spot i've visited ~ (well...we).

Here we gooo, MILAS...

All these menus are suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarian :). The 1st collage contains pics of super duper big size main course(s) : well, i'm not really sure what sort of foods they are all, coz some were my friends'.

For sure...they are Lacto ovo -rosti (not sure how it's spelled, -nasi goreng (fried rice), -red fettucini, and -burger. And the 2nd collage contains pics of 'one dish meal(s) : patty and toasted bread. Well actually, the toasted breads is my favorite one! coz it was served with guacamole! sorry, we din take the pic coz it was all dissapeared (i guess to our stomach haha).

Okay that's all my short report. Hope it inspires you to cook healthy foods during your holiday. Healthy foods can also be so delicious, right? :)

(thanks elan for sending me these pics of deliciosoooos - boso italiano hancuro haha)


  1. -__-'' you were the part of the journey, laaaan

  2. wakkaka, oalaaah...thats what i should do to lan??? haha

  3. Heyyy let's find another vegan spots in Jogja sai, for our project :p