Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10th SouthEast Asia Nutrition Leadership Program

ah, this relaaaaaaax wednesday...after tough days before, now its time to write...no, actually wanna show you my photos haha.
This was 10th SouthEast Asian Nutrition Leadership Program held by SEAMEO RECFON where selected nutritionists (lets call me that way haha) from various countries in South East Asia came learning how to lead and innovate in terms of nutrition for sure.

pics of us ~ The 10th Batch of South East Asian Leadership Program
(ah, how I miss my best friends Peung and WinWin)
Tired tough but it was wonderful
Ah ya, what I cant forget from this course was the assignment of Ralph Stayer's "story" : The Johnsonville Sausage Harvard Case Study. I was trying to find the article online..I found one but its not exactly the same as I got there...
from budgetsavvydiva.com

if you wanna read what Ralph Stayer do on the company...ups and downs and how it feels to bring the company big and bigger. and also how he managed employes that even dont care about what happen to the company..please link to www.withinsight.be/basecamp/bgialp/novexcouriers/387103p2.pdf
(once you start to read, you'll always try to get to the ending)

Ready to Lead?

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