Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Thought After Long Tears Last Night

So melancholic title...well, its not that much actually. Its kinda reflection of past and projection of future of mine. Once I read a thought "you dont need to find a perfect one. Find one who is ready to make you happy". Well I bet its so true. At least it works... on my effort of being ikhlas of what happened to me last 10 months.
Just now, I read a note of my high-school friend. She shared a story about how hard and tricky to raise a kid. How hard to be mom and wife at the same time. She thinks that the key success to everything is support of you family, esp your husband. Your husband should take part in the process of raising the every point of the process. Its not true that mom takes most important role in the process or conversely...the father only. Both mom and dad are important... with their own role. Oh God, I knew it...I can see this process in my own family. My mother and father. They are all important for me... Then, how can i do such thing...having forever partner in life...when i do not find the right one, when I do not find one who can be right for me, when I do not find someone who cares and fully love me? or when I can only find the one I JUST like...
Only Allah knows whats the right for every human in earth including me. God, this is just my another journey of being ikhlas. Its not easy. Long tears for days...but I know, it'll be so beautiful at the end

All of your wishes, thoughts, and projections are prayers. All them can bring you to the object you want and dream. Be sure Allah is the best planner. Allah is the best problem-solver.

Dear my future, i already love you. I pray for you in every time I say du'a... Be good there... I will take care of myself for you....

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