Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best Conversation of The Month

Assalamualaikum Fellas! not talking about my performance playing melody, haha. Since it would be better for me to maximize to do things related to rituals on Ramadhan. Okay, so I would share the best conversation i've ever heard during the month...that is a little bit changing little part of my life...
X : Hey do you have facebook account.
Y : No..
X : How bout Twitter Account?
Y : Nope!
X : Instagram, Path, Friendster ?
Y : Noooo!!!!!
X : So what do you have?
Y : A LIFE!!!!

Haha, ya i Know it's a so-called extreme example of a cynical-to-social-media person. Yes, not tryng to say that social media is an unused thing or if you have social media, then...u dont have life. I just want u to think about the conversation would lead us to :)

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