Friday, June 21, 2013

GreaT GriT

Been admiring a website Only for practicing my ability in listening and understanding what native speaker talks at first, now i enjoy listening to the idea delivered. One of my favorite is this one! a teacher who finds that a grit, a passion...not talent...not what you best at is the best determinant to a success. Of course u would agree that no one can describe best what success is. In this case...if you now feel succeed...then you are!

For myself, success is a situation when you feel you are happy and surrounded with people who love you..and being a good you for them. Its not about abundance money and prestigious job. When you feel all you got is enough, success is just in your hand!

Thats why i do love this video by angela lee duckworth... It tells us that when u like to do something, u will feel its just okay to fail. You will do good after another try. No more worries. Cz one who tries more, only that who love what they do. So the point is : Happiness all the way!!! :)

Happy watching and Be success in your own way

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