Monday, September 17, 2012

My Mini Survey Note : Obesogenic Behavior (Part 2)

Hi Readers...
I've got good news (at least its good for me) : I'm done with the research and analyses, Yay!
So I'm gonna show you the result.

The result shows that there's no association between interrole conflict (work-family conflict) in working moms and their kid's obesogenic behaviors (behaviors which result to the increased risk of being obese/overweight). Some variables related to socioeconomic status are known to increase risk of having high obesogenic behavior level. Kids 1) with higher rate of family income and 2) Whose mother has professional or managerial position are at high risk to have high obesogenic behaviors level.
It's not really surprising, as many studies in Asian countries show that high level of family income will increase the likelihood to access supermarkets, animal-based foods, fast foods, etc. It can also reduce likelihood to be physically active because of vehicle or gadgets ownership (that may reduce energy expenditure). 

Well, from this findings, I strongly recommend to educate working mothers with high socioeconomic status to promote leptogenic (the inverse of the term 'obesogenic') behaviors to their children. Public health practitioner is one important part who can promote it (through health primary care parenting counseling/poster/participating in controlling the availibility of high calorie foods /promoting vigorous physical activity at schools).



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