Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Mini Survey Note : Obesogenic Behaviour

So...this idea came from previous data (cant say which one), shown that working moms in urban area are most likely to stop breastfeed than those in rural area here in my country. So i self-assume that ones who live in urban area (with all their tough routines) also likely not to teach or not being a good role model of healthy life (leptogenic lifestyle) for their own kid(s). Yet, the citizen are begin to be exposed to rapid growth of fast food industry and industrialisation that makes them not to be physically active.

I've been working on my own mini survey (actually for my thesis stuff-data processing is still on progress) on obesogenic behaviours among Yogyakarta's school-aged children whose moms participate in workforce. So I invited school-age students whose moms are working, of 8 schools in Yogyakarta (both state and private ones) to participate in the study. I also sent questionnaires (moms' stress on work and family's and kids' obesogenic behaviour) to 285 parents and assess their kids anthropometrical nutritional status.

Anyway...some other research in different countries has shown varied results. That's why I just cant wait to see what would be the result of mine. Hope I can show you this later. I'll keep it for the next post.

Be Healthy! eat good stuff and move more :) see ya


  1. it's been a while, mber, not hearing from you! aaaah, blame the thief! :D

    anyway, good luck with your ongoing research! it's an interesting topic, I know few moms here who still breastfeed their babies while working, but of course it's been tough! but your assumption with urban dwellers tend to not teach healthy lifestyle is probably debatable.

  2. debatable.. yes sure. thats why i do the research. haha.
    not actually "teaching", loy...i mean they tend not to be "good role model" of healthy lifestyle to their kids. coz i assume that working moms have less time to prepare healthy food, sticking up with their kids doing sports together, and so on...that's the detail of the study. haha, doakan aku laaaan!!!!!

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  4. That's great idea, sist Almira... I'm on full attention to breastfeeding too since there are moms who do not give their kid(s) rights of breastfeeding when they come back to work and let their kids to drink infant formula easily with so many reason...
    sorry sit, i'm not good in english better than you. seperti bahasa indonesia yang diingriskan, but i've tried. yeah. done!!! ^^v
    I've leave a comment ya? ^^

  5. thats good thing to study, cle..lets just make the exclusive breastfeeding rate here in our country rises. Go Indonesia! :) haha opo iki